Most Recent Thriller Videos

  • Red Snow HD Red Snow
    Red Snow
    6.1 2021 1 hr 20 min HD
    A struggling vampire romance novelist must defend herself against real-life vampires during Christmas in Lake Tahoe.
    Director:Sean Nichols Lynch
  • Sooryavanshi HD Sooryavanshi
    6.4 2021 2 hr 23 min HD
    1993 Mumbai as rocked by 14 back to back blasts which changed the image of city forever Kabir Shroff managed to solve the case within two days but feels guilty that master mind Omar Hafeez and Billal eloped from the city.Omar Hafeez over the years planted many attacks in the country and formed a sleeper cell network lead by his son Riyaz Hafeez.Years later Riyaz's fake identity is traced in Jaisalmer where a team lead by DCP Veer Sooryavanshi goes to arrest him with arrest of Riyaz underworld ge
    Director:Rohit Shetty
  • Castle Falls HD Castle Falls
    Castle Falls
    5.8 2021 1 hr 29 min HD
    After decades of neglect, Castle Heights Hospital, this symbol of the city's segregated past has been packed with dynamite and is ready to be demolished. No one knows that a gang leader, now in prison, hid the 3 million dollars in cash he stole from his rivals inside the abandoned building. Now, three desperate parties want the money - a blue collared ex-fighter (Adkins) who finds it while working as part of the demolition crew, a prison guard (Lundgren) willing to do anything to pay for his dau
    Director:Dolph Lundgren
  • This Game's Called Murder HD This Game's Called Murder
    This Game's Called Murder
    4.3 2021 1 hr 45 min HD
    A modern, dark-humored tale of greed, romance, and lost innocence in consumer-crazed, alienated society that functions as a harsh critique of society today without taking itself too seriously.
    Director:Adam Sherman
  • Twas the Night HD Twas the Night
    Twas the Night
    6.1 2021 1 hr 21 min HD
    A newly engaged couple tries to impress their soon-to-be in-laws with a lovely Christmas Eve dinner, but finds it a difficult task to complete while hiding a body in their house.
    Director:Chris Rodriguez
  • Red Stone HD Red Stone
    Red Stone
    6.3 2021 1 hr 36 min HD
    A dangerous hitman (Neal McDonough) is tasked with hunting down a teenager who witnessed the murder of his older brother at the hands of a ruthless Southern crime lord (Michael Cudlitz). The hired gun must track down the boy before either the rival henchmen or the F.B.I. find him first. As the hours tick down, the hitman begins to question his deadly ways and must choose which side he belongs to.
    Director:Derek Presley
  • House of Glass HD House of Glass
    House of Glass
    5.9 2021 1 hr 26 min HD
    Convinced of her husbands infidelity, a woman's obsessive search for the truth turns deadly.
    Director:Reyn Del Rio
  • The Advent Calendar HD The Advent Calendar
    The Advent Calendar
    6.7 2021 1 hr 40 min HD
    Eva, an ex-dancer, is now living in a wheelchair, unable to walk. when her friend Sophie gives her an old wooden antique advent calendar before Christmas, she realizes each window contains a surprise that triggers repercussions in real life: some of them good, but most of them bad - Now Eva will have to choose between getting rid of the calendar or walking again - even if it causes death around her. —WTFilms
    Director:Patrick Ridremont
  • The Shattering HD The Shattering
    The Shattering
    4.9 2021 HD
    The Shattering 2021 Drama / Thriller
  • An Intrusion HD An Intrusion
    An Intrusion
    5 2021 1 hr 39 min HD
    Sam and his family are terrorized by a malicious stalker...but as an investigation mounts, he fears the attacks may be related to secrets he has violently kept from his family and detectives.
    Director:Nicholas Holland
  • Ayar HD Ayar
    7.3 2021 HD
    Ayar 2021 Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
  • Nitram HD Nitram
    7.6 2021 1 hr 51 min HD
    Nitram lives with his mother and father in suburban Australia in the Mid 1990s. He lives a life of isolation and frustration at never being able to fit in. That is until he unexpectedly finds a close friend in a reclusive heiress, Helen. However when that relationship meets a tragic end, and Nitram's loneliness and anger grow, he begins a slow descent that leads to disaster.
    Director:Justin Kurzel
  • Autumn Road HD Autumn Road
    Autumn Road
    4.5 2021 1 hr 35 min HD
    Twin brothers running a haunted house and an aspiring actress are all affected by the disappearance of a young girl.
    Director:Riley Cusick
  • Boiling Point HD Boiling Point
    Boiling Point
    7.6 2021 1 hr 34 min HD
    Enter the relentless pressure of a restaurant kitchen as a head chef wrangles his team on the busiest day of the year.
    Director:Philip Barantini
  • Not Alone HD Not Alone
    Not Alone
    4.6 2021 1 hr 27 min HD
    A psychological thriller. Shelly Lawson and her family move into a beautiful southern estate only to discover that their new home is subject to unexplainable phenomena. After her daughter, Jess, is sent to the hospital due to a mysterious sickness, Shelly decides to post a video online pleading for help with her recently acquired haunted house. Dr. James Clay, a once acclaimed scientist, finds Shelly's online plea and contacts her immediately. He claims to be the only person in the world who can
    Director:Cezil Reed
  • The Elevator HD The Elevator
    The Elevator
    0 2021 1 hr 28 min HD
    Roman Juniper, a husband, and father of three is forced to go work on the Saturday of his daughter's birthday. He plans to return home in time for his daughter's birthday party before things take a sharp turn of events. His wife and kids are setting up the decorations and food at the house and start to wonder where Roman is since it's well past his clock out time. A man matching Roman's description has been reported as a victim in a life-threatening accident and the Juniper family is extremely d
    Director:Jack Cook
  • A House on the Bayou HD A House on the Bayou
    A House on the Bayou
    6.1 2021 1 hr 28 min HD
    Follows a troubled couple and their daughter who go on vacation to an isolated house in the Louisiana bayou to reconnect as a family. But when unexpected visitors arrive, the unity starts to unravel.
    Director:Alex McAulay
  • Fisher HD Fisher
    4.6 2021 2 hr 5 min HD
    In the small town of Eden, Tennessee, a neglected and naive teenage girl named Clara Banks has made a habit of deceiving people online for gifts, a gambit known as "catfishing." She thinks it's all fun and games until she hooks the attention of the wrong person. A short time later, events set into motion spiral out of control as someone begins stalking Clara and her friends. As the consequences of her actions return to haunt her, twisted messages start showing up at Clara's home, causing her to
    Director:Cassandra Bryson
  • Zeros and Ones HD Zeros and Ones
    Zeros and Ones
    4.2 2021 1 hr 26 min HD
    An American soldier stationed in Rome with the Vatican blown up, embarks on a hero's journey to uncover and defend against an unknown enemy threatening the entire world.
    Director:Abel Ferrara
  • Divided We Fall HD Divided We Fall
    Divided We Fall
    2.4 2021 1 hr 47 min HD
    A group of girls from the hood commit a robbery that has their lives spinning out of control.
    Director:Jamal Doctor
  • The Towel Man HD The Towel Man
    The Towel Man
    1.9 2021 1 hr 8 min HD
    This Urban Drama is about an infamous serial rapist known as the "Towel Man" who terrorized the city of Portsmouth, Virginia leaving a trail of victims in his wake. His acts were so notorious that rumors began to circulate about what happened to him. Was he captured, killed or did he manage to escape.
    Director:Anthony Rolando Brown
  • Motherly HD Motherly
    6 2021 1 hr 20 min HD
    Kate (Lora Burke) and her daughter Beth live alone in an isolated farmhouse in the woods, but when Kate slowly begins to suspect that something sinister is happening, her motherly instincts are put to the test.
    Director:Craig David Wallace
  • Night Night HD Night Night
    Night Night
    5.1 2021 1 hr 31 min HD
    After waking up from a horrific car accident, April must find a way to work through her trauma and a will to survive a recovery from hell.
    Director:Niki Koss
  • The Zeme HD The Zeme
    The Zeme
    5.4 2021 1 hr 30 min HD
    A developer relocates to a remote island with his family, where the cursed land takes over his soul and makes him a killer.
    Director:Goldie Dhillon
  • Repeat HD Repeat
    0 2021 1 hr 35 min HD
    A zealous cognitive psychologist dedicates his life to university lecturing. While tinkering with one of his many experiments he stumbles across an unbelievable discovery-a way of communicating with the other side. His joy is short-lived, however, as his daughter is put into potentially grave danger and when all leads go cold, he takes matters into his own hands to find out the truth. —Richard miller
    Director:Grant Archer
  • Just What the Doctor Ordered HD Just What the Doctor Ordered
    Just What the Doctor Ordered
    6.2 2021 1 hr 25 min HD
    Having escaped from the psychiatric prison, Dr. Albert Beck hides out in an empty house, until its new owners move in. Forced into the attic to evade the widowed mother, Beck watches from above, attracted to her young daughter.
    Director:Jeff Hare
  • Fear of a Black Planet HD Fear of a Black Planet
    Fear of a Black Planet
    1.6 2021 1 hr 10 min HD
    A race war suddenly breaks out in the streets, forcing a young woman to desperately seek refuge inside a dark warehouse with a stranger. She quickly finds out that it is more dangerous navigating the mysteries inside than facing the violence outside.
    Director:Detdrich McClure
  • Girl in Golden Gate Park HD Girl in Golden Gate Park
    Girl in Golden Gate Park
    5.8 2021 1 hr 34 min HD
    Evicted from her San Francisco apartment and stranded in her car near Golden Gate Park, a woman makes a secret plan to defend her right to stay in the city she loves.
    Director:J.P. Allen