Movies Tagged 'comedy'

  • A Chance for Christmas HD A Chance for Christmas
    A Chance for Christmas
    6.2 2021 1 hr 28 min HD
    Christina Chance, a social media influencer, finally lands the opportunity of a lifetime: a shot at a lucrative sponsorship from her dream brand, if she can manage 2 million live views of her Christmas bonanza. Butting heads with marketing exec Devon, Christina pushes her family to follow her meticulously-crafted script - until she realizes that she and Devon are stuck in a timeloop, endlessly repeating Christmas Eve. Christina must discover what's truly important in life to escape the loop, and
    Director:Stefan Brogren
  • Red Snow HD Red Snow
    Red Snow
    6.1 2021 1 hr 20 min HD
    A struggling vampire romance novelist must defend herself against real-life vampires during Christmas in Lake Tahoe.
    Director:Sean Nichols Lynch
  • David and the Elves HD David and the Elves
    David and the Elves
    0 2021 1 hr 46 min HD
    Where does the magic power come from in the land of Santa Claus? Elf Albert believes that it is given by people's love, which comes from gratitude for gifts. Albert does not understand why Saint Nicholas is needed, with whom he is hiding in an invisible sleigh. Isn't it better to go to people and use their love to the full? Albert wants to check if he is right and escapes from the land of Santa Claus. It turns out, however, that nobody on Earth loves him, nobody needs his magic or gifts. Albert'
    Director:Michal Rogalski
  • Maya and Her Lover HD Maya and Her Lover
    Maya and Her Lover
    0 2021 1 hr 46 min HD
    The mundane life of a 39 year old introvert is disrupted when she begins a steamy but contentious affair with a much younger Man.
    Director:Nicole Sylvester
  • Mixtape HD Mixtape
    6.5 2021 1 hr 37 min HD
    A 12 year old girl finds a broken mixtape belonging to the mother she never knew. She decides to track down each of the tape's obscure songs in an effort to find out what her mother was like, leading to a reconciliation with the aunt who raised her. —Anonymous
    Director:Valerie Weiss
  • Drew Michael: Red Blue Green HD Drew Michael: Red Blue Green
    Drew Michael: Red Blue Green
    0 2021 12 hr 58 min HD
    Follows Drew Michael and his issues with relationships, social media, and comedy as therapy.
    Director:Drew Michael
  • 100% Wolf HD 100% Wolf
    100% Wolf
    5.7 2020 1 hr 35 min HD
    100% Wolf centers on Freddy Lupin, heir to a proud family line of werewolves. Positive he'll become the most fearsome werewolf ever, Freddy is in for a shock when his first "warfing" goes awry, turning him into a ferocious - poodle.
    Director:Alexs Stadermann
  • This Game's Called Murder HD This Game's Called Murder
    This Game's Called Murder
    4.3 2021 1 hr 45 min HD
    A modern, dark-humored tale of greed, romance, and lost innocence in consumer-crazed, alienated society that functions as a harsh critique of society today without taking itself too seriously.
    Director:Adam Sherman
  • Twas the Night HD Twas the Night
    Twas the Night
    6.1 2021 1 hr 21 min HD
    A newly engaged couple tries to impress their soon-to-be in-laws with a lovely Christmas Eve dinner, but finds it a difficult task to complete while hiding a body in their house.
    Director:Chris Rodriguez
  • A Cape Cod Christmas HD A Cape Cod Christmas
    A Cape Cod Christmas
    0 2021 1 hr 29 min HD
    When a children's author hosts one last Christmas dinner with her disagreeable siblings before they sell the family house, she reunites with her childhood sweetheart who helps her find a way to keep the home she loves so dearly.
    Director:John Stimpson
  • Funny Thing About Love HD Funny Thing About Love
    Funny Thing About Love
    6.4 2021 1 hr 36 min HD
    A successful business woman takes her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving only to find her family is scheming to reunite her with her lost love.
    Director:Adam White
  • Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas HD Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas
    Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas
    8.3 2021 1 hr 39 min HD
    On her first holiday without her father, Zoey wants to create a magical Christmas for her family just like the ones Mitch used to do.
    Director:Richard Shepard
  • Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas HD Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas
    Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas
    0 2021 12 hr 30 min HD
    Shaun's seasonal excitement turns to dismay when a farmhouse raid to get bigger stockings for the Flock inadvertently leads to Timmy going missing. Can Shaun get Timmy back before he becomes someone else's present?
    Director:Steve Cox
  • Ron's Gone Wrong HD Ron's Gone Wrong
    Ron's Gone Wrong
    7.2 2021 1 hr 46 min HD
    Twentieth Century Studios and Locksmith Animation's "Ron's Gone Wrong" is the story of Barney, a socially awkward middle-schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device, which is supposed to be his 'Best Friend out of the Box.' Ron's hilarious malfunctions set against the backdrop of the social media age, launch them into an action-packed journey in which boy and robot come to terms with the wonderful messiness of true friendship. —Twentieth Century Studios
    Director:Sarah Smith
  • Single All the Way HD Single All the Way
    Single All the Way
    0 2021 1 hr 41 min HD
    Desperate to avoid his family's judgment about his perpetual single status, Peter (Michael Urie) convinces his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to join him for the holidays and pretend that they're now in a relationship. But when Peter's mother (Kathy Najimy) sets him up on a blind date with her handsome trainer James (Luke Macfarlane) the plan goes awry.
    Director:Michael Mayer
  • More the Merrier HD More the Merrier
    More the Merrier
    5.3 2021 1 hr 51 min HD
    2021, Barcelona (Barcelona, Catalonia, north-east to Spain). In the course of a single night five different stories will happen with desire as the common point: Paco and Claudia are a long-time marriage that receive in home for dinning to their best friends and too marriage Alberto and Marta, unaware for the two women that the dinner is really a trick of Alberto and Paco for a partner swapping in an attempt to feel new emotions, but Paco feels unsure to continue after to know Alberto's fame as l
    Director:Paco Caballero
  • Christmas on the Farm HD Christmas on the Farm
    Christmas on the Farm
    6 2021 1 hr 25 min HD
    A romantic comedy about a New York socialite who fakes her identity to get her book published and has to rush back to her deceased mother's farm when the publisher and her son come to visit their 'Australian' author.
    Director:Christopher Weekes
  • Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas HD Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas
    Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas
    6.4 2021 1 hr 4 min HD
    Mohammed "Mo" Amer discusses pandemic politics, the stock market, cursing in Arabic, having two homes but no land, and more.
    Director:Jay Chapman
  • Matando Cabos 2, La Máscara del Máscara HD Matando Cabos 2, La Máscara del Máscara
    Matando Cabos 2, La Máscara del Máscara
    4.2 2021 HD
    Matando Cabos 2, La Máscara del Máscara 2021 [SPANISH] Comedy
  • A Loud House Christmas HD A Loud House Christmas
    A Loud House Christmas
    4.6 2021 1 hr 4 min HD
    Lincoln is gearing up for the ultimate Christmas, until he finds out that most of his sisters have plans to be elsewhere for the big day. Determined to remind his family that they all need to be together, Lincoln and his best friend Clyde embark on a mission to sabotage their plans and preserve the family's holiday traditions.
    Director:Jonathan Judge
  • Merry Liddle Christmas Baby HD Merry Liddle Christmas Baby
    Merry Liddle Christmas Baby
    7.5 2021 1 hr 20 min HD
    Director:Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
  • Dog Years HD Dog Years
    Dog Years
    6 2021 1 hr 37 min HD
    The story of clumsy, cynical, imaginative and tormented teenage girl named Stella.
    Director:Fabio Mollo
  • Christmas vs. The Walters HD Christmas vs. The Walters
    Christmas vs. The Walters
    5.6 2021 HD
    Christmas vs. The Walters 2021 Comedy / Drama / Family
  • Spoiled Brats HD Spoiled Brats
    Spoiled Brats
    5.6 2021 HD
    Spoiled Brats 2021 [FRENCH] Comedy
  • A Castle for Christmas HD A Castle for Christmas
    A Castle for Christmas
    5.9 2021 1 hr 39 min HD
    The story follows a famed American author, Sophie, who travels to Scotland and finds herself wanting to buy a castle, but the prickly owner, a Scottish Duke named Myles, is reluctant to sell to a foreigner. Working to find a compromise, the pair constantly butt heads, but along the way they just may find more than they bargained for.
    Director:Mary Lambert
  • Ashley Jones Is Perfectly Normal HD Ashley Jones Is Perfectly Normal
    Ashley Jones Is Perfectly Normal
    0 2021 1 hr 22 min HD
    Desperate to get her life back to normal after a surprisingly uncommon medical diagnosis, Ashley Jones is forced to examine what "normalcy" really means in a world of mistaken identities, very old, old friends, and poisoned meatballs.
    Director:Thomas Bangert
  • 8-Bit Christmas HD 8-Bit Christmas
    8-Bit Christmas
    6.7 2021 1 hr 37 min HD
    In 1980s Chicago, a ten-year-old sets out on a quest to get the Christmas gift of his generation - the latest and greatest video game system.
    Director:Michael Dowse
  • Asterrarium HD Asterrarium
    6.4 2021 1 hr 37 min HD
    Present day. A comet approaches the Earth, carrying the ultimate destruction. The government is disbanded, there is no communication or transport. The world is in chaos. This does not stop the main characters, Anna and Andrei, a couple that lives in a provincial town, from waiting their sons, who had left the town nine years ago, to come back. They dream to reunite the family for this last event. The kids do come, but the family reunion makes the life of the couple much harder. The comet is gett
    Director:Armen H'Akopian