Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away

Imdb 6.8 89 min

In the conditioning unit of a small chestnut can factory in a quiet little country village as winter slowly settles, a young ladybug gets trapped by accident in a cardboard box shipped to the Caribbean. His parent sets off for the paradise archipelago to find his little kid and free him. Once he finally makes it there, our hero finds himself entrusted with a double mission: find his offspring and save his new Caribbean ladybug friends’ home threatened by a human construction site. Thankfully o

Categories: Adventure Animation Family Movies
Actor: Bô Gaultier de Kermoal,Bruno Salomone,Franck Benezech,Sarah Cohen-Hadria,Stéphane Coulon,Thierry Frémont
Release: 2018
Quality: HD
Country: China,France,Guadeloupe
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