Godzilla: Final Wars

Imdb 6.5 125 min

Evil Space Aliens called the Xilians unleashes all the Earth's monsters to lay waste to most of the world's major cities, including Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Shanghai and Paris. It is up to Godzilla and the Earth Defense Force to vanquish the monsters and aliens to rescue the world in the ultimate Save the Earth battle.

Categories: Action Adventure Fantasy Movies Science Fiction Thriller War
Actor: Akira Takarada,Don Frye,Kane Kosugi,Kumi Mizuno,Maki Mizuno,Masahiro Matsuoka,Masanobu Takashima,Masatō Ibu,Rei Kikukawa
Director: Ryûhei Kitamura
Release: 2004
Quality: HD
Country: Australia,China,Japan
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